XMPP Service Status Site

mattrude.com is up and running

This site is here to anwser a simple question, can the users on the xmpp server, for the domain mattrude.com, connect to users on other server. The below table tries to give you a snapshot of the mattrude.com domain's current connection status with other servers.

Primay Domains

soderparr.com reachable
therudes.com reachable

Remote Domains

chinwag.im reachable
conversations.im reachable
elaon.de reachable
jabber.at reachable
jabber.cat reachable
jabber.de reachable
jabber.fr reachable
jabber.org reachable
kode.im reachable
prosody.im reachable
xmpp.is reachable
xmpp.jp reachable
xmpp.zone reachable
yax.im reachable

Last updated: Apr 20, 2018 1:13:18 AM UTC