XMPP Service Status Site

About This Site

This is the status site for the listed XMPP servers. This site shows whether each server is up and accepting connections form clients and other servers. It also shows the historical uptime of the servers.

This service will connect to one of the primary domains, as a client, via a standerd JID to the C2S port 5222. It then will send a ping request to each of the remote domains (both the Remote Domains and the Primary Domains) and wait for a response. If it receives a response, it considers the domain up and reachable, if it does not receive the response in the prescribed time period, it will consider the domain down and unreachable.

This site checks the XMPP service every 10 minutes.

Site Source

The software running on this site was written by Daniel Gultsch, the source is available in the Github repository iNPUTmice/ServerStatus and is licensed under the 3 Clause BSD License.

Customizations to the original software, as shown on this site, is available as a fork in the Github repository mattrude/ServerStatus.